Jim Jorgenson and others discuss the importance of integrated hemophilia care in support of CCSC’s initiative “Charting a Course for Cost-effective, Improved Outcomes in Hemophilia Management.”

In this video Visante CEO, Jim Jorgenson, joins with other clinicians, administrators and members of families who have experienced the benefits of the multidisciplinary approach that is part of the Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTC) model for care. It in support of the Comprehensive Care Sustainability Collaborative (CCSC) that is dedicated to improved outcomes in hemophilia management.

The CCSC is an ongoing quality improvement and cost management initiative driven by the insights of a prominent group of hemophilia treatment center (HTC) directors, clinicians, and administrators working in conjunction with payer/managed care medical and pharmacy directors from a mix of large national and regional health plans. The CCSC’s aim is to develop a framework for pilot programs between payers and HTCs to be replicated across the US to facilitate cost-effective hemophilia management integrating the HTC comprehensive care model.