NHS Advances in Oncology Sky Channel 212 / Freesat Channel 402 original broadcast date: Sunday 12 August 2012 at 6pm.

Health Sector TV initially broadcast ‘NHS Advances in Oncology’ in August of 2012. This is an important documentary detailing how technologically advanced medical innovations are helping in the delivery of treatment of patients with cancer. It features an interview with Visante’s Chief Operating Officer, James Jorgenson, a pharmacist with extensive healthcare executive experience as well as a respected researcher and lecturer.

Synopsis: Oncology is a broad term to describe the treatment of cancer, and is most often used to mean the non-surgical treatment of malignancy. These non- surgical treatments include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone drugs, targeted drugs and supportive medicines. They can be used with the aim of trying to cure a cancer, or if incurable, controlling the cancer for as long as possible and helping to relieve symptoms caused by the cancer. How they are actually used will depend on the type of tumour, its stage and the patient’s medical history and wishes.