• Compete successfully for capital budget

    James Jorgenson
    Journal Citation: Jorgenson, J (2013). Compete successfully for capital budget. Pharmacy Purchasing Products Nov, pp 12-14.

    In many cases you only have one opportunity to promote a capital budget request. Pharmacy leaders need to be certain their presentation is persuasive and that the idea resonates with decision makers to have the best chance …

  • Heart failure management to optimise patient and system outcomes

    Lori Wetmore, William Kelly, John Trowbridge
    Journal Citation: Wetmore L, Kelly W, Trowbridge J (2013) The Journal of American Pharmacy Benefits Sept/Oct 2013:5(5): 189-193

    This article reviews current evidence-based drug therapies for heart failure and best practices that integrate these recommendations into a patient care framework. The goal is to improve patient adherence and quality of life while minimising the risk of …

  • Life saver in the community

    Journal Citation: B. Stupak and W Wood, The Hill September 26, 2013

    Actual stories from Visante’s 340B Discount Drug Program expert William Wood and former Representative Bart Stupak about the success of this program in rural Michigan. To view this story, select this publication and click on the following …

  • Managing antibiotic resistance – an imperative for continuing clinical and financial success for your institution

    William Kelly, John Trowbridge
    Journal Citation: Kelly W, Trowbridge J. (2013) Managing antibioitic resistance-an imperative for continuing clinical and financial success for your institution. American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits 5 (2), 12-16.

    “We are nearing Antimicrobial Armageddon!” is the clarion call to combat increasing antimicrobial resistance around the world. This article presents a look at institutional assessments and how a comparison of results with similar regional facilities can provide …

  • How pharmacy networks could save Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers $115 Billion

    Paul Foley

    Over the past twenty years pharmacy networks have generated significant savings in the US. Today, there are even greater savings available through preferred an limited pharmacy networks. This article is published online through the Pharmacy Care Management …

  • Compounding vs manufacturing: new interest in an old question

    James Jorgenson
    Journal Citation: Jorgenson J. (2012) American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits Nov/Dec 2012;4(6):266

    The recent tragedy resulting in many lives lost from contaminated compounded sterile products produced by the New England Compounding Center (NECC) has rekindled issues about pharmaceutical compounding vs. manufacturing and how this should be regulated.

  • Strategies to prevent diversion

    Journal Citation: Jorgenson J. (2013) Strategies to prevent diversion. Pharmacy Purchasing Products. April 2013.

    Diversion is the use of prescription drugs for recreational purposes. Each year some 15,000 Americans die from overdosing on drugs such as prescription pain killers. In this article, Visante’s Jim Jorgenson provides a fresh look at the problem …

  • Myths and realities of medication waste in Medicare Part D

    Paul Foley

    There is a commonly held belief that there is significant waste with medications dispensed as a benefit of Medicare Part D. Many believe that this waste is most prevalent in mail-service delivery as opposed to retail pharmacy. …

  • A rose by any other name…imperatives for biosimilar naming

    James Jorgenson
    Journal Citation: Jorgenson J. (2013) A rose by any other name…imperatives for biosimilar naming. American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits. 5 (2), 11-13.

    Biosimilars, like their innovator products, are biologic agents in which the active drug is produced by or derived from a living organism, usually accomplished by gene expression or recombinant DNA techniques. How these agents are ultimately named …