• Mergers and acquisitions: Bringing a new hospital into the fold

    December 2013
    ASHP mid-year meeting, Orlando, FL

    Presenters: Gregory Burger, Ernie Anderson and Bonnie Levin

    This presentation was born out of the American Society of Hospitals and Health Systems Pharmacists Strategic Advisory Group on Multi-Hospital Health Systems.

  • Handling hazardous drugs: Safety with savings

    November 2013
    Clinical Oncology Society of Australia, 40th Annual Meeting, Adelaide, Australia

    Presenter: James Jorgenson

  • The good pharmacist – characteristics, virtues and habits

    November 2013
    The Samford University School of Pharmacy, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

    Presenter: William Kelly, PharmD, FISPE

  • Real answers to antimicrobial Armageddon

    October 2013
    Teleconference for IC-Net users group in USA, Canada and UK

    Presenters: William Kelly, PharmD, FISPE and John Trowbridge, MD CPE

  • Generating returns from an effective pharmacy revenue cycle

    October 2013
    Children’s Hospital Association, Fall 2013 Revenue Cycle Forum

    Presenter: Kristin Fox-Smith

  • Managed care and hemophilia: Opportunities for more cost effective care

    October 2013
    National Hemophilia Foundation, San Francisco, CA

    Presenter: James Jorgenson

  • Effective and persuasive communication of pharmacy value: How to communicate with the C-suite

    September 2013
    HOPA Management Meeting, Chicago, IL

    Presenter: James Jorgenson

  • Practical how-to tips for effective and persuasive communication of pharmacy value

    September 2013
    50th annual ICHP meeting, Chicago, IL

    Presenter: James A. Jorgenson

  • Pharmacy’s role in providing inceased value and improving patient outcomes

    August 2013
    Norton Healthcare Pharmacy Group

    Presenter: James A. Jorgenson

  • The intricacies of Part D drug claims, reconciliation and PBM oversight

    July 2013
    MA member accounting and reconcilation conference, Washington, DC

    Presenters: Michael S. Flagstad & Wendy Weingart

  • Journey towards zero medication errors in dispensing and administration

    April 2013
    un Summit Conference, Orlando, FL

    Presenters: James Toohey and Lou A. Serapiglia.

  • The 340B Drug Discount Program

    April 2013
    Northeastern Ohio Medical Univrsity College of Pharmacy

    April 2013
    Presenter: William Wood

  • Hospitals & health systems: What’s going on?

    March 2013
    Biotech National Meetin, Orlando, Florida

    Presenter: James Jorgenson

  • Medicare Part D plan sponsor oversight of a contracted pharmacy benefit manager

    February 2013
    Medicare Advantage Symposium, Newport Beach, California

    Presenter: Michael Flagstad

  • Healthcare reform and value based purchasing: opprotunities for pharamcist involvement

    February 2013
    APhA-ASP Pharmacy Professionalism and Advocacy Conference, University of Kansas School of Pharmacy

    Presenter: Jane Henry