Director, International Services

Stacy Mason

Area of services: Executives and internal resources

Stacy has worked alongside company Board Chair, Michael Flagstad, to establish the legal governance of both Visante Limited and Visante UK Limited. When consultant teams are in the field in the UK, Stacy assists with project support, so they can stay on task to accomplish project objectives on a timely basis.

Prior to joining Visante, Stacy worked at several Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) companies in Minnesota’s Minneapolis metropolitan area. Most recently she was Senior Account Manager in the Commercial Division at Express Scripts, a leading PBM in the US and Canada. In this position, she successfully managed the profitability, strategic planning and service delivery efforts for a $25 million book of business client portfolio. Her accomplishments included retaining 90% of her client base, while increasing such programmes as step therapy, prior authorisation and lower net cost formularies, which resulted in a 10 per cent savings over the previous drug spend.

Stacy worked closely with other operational areas to assist in managing client and group implementations, including clinical, benefit design, eligibility, and reporting. In the development of her book of business, Stacy also assisted with new sales strategies and presentations.

She earned a bachelor of science degree in human services.

Stacy’s greatest pleasure is traveling and making memories with her family.