Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

John Trowbridge

Area of services: Clinicians, Executives and internal resources

Jack is co-chair of Visante’s Antimicrobial Stewardship Solutions practice and was integral in developing its paradigm for optimising antibiotic therapy regimens in hospitals as well as in the home.

Previously, as Medical Director of a home infusion company as well as being an infection disease specialist on hospital staff, he counselled physicians and supporting caregivers on optimally effective and least resistance-inducing antibiotic therapies while advising them on how to safely de-escalate medications to facilitate the best ways to handle the transition from inpatient to outpatient care. The result was a significant reduction in the length of acute hospital stays with coordinated care at home reducing the chance of readmission and allowing a more conducive convalescence. Some of the protocols he pioneered have become commonplace in American medicine.

Most recently, Jack was Medical Director of Chronic Conditions in a highly successful managed care organisation. One of his responsibilities was to decrease the incidence of cardiovascular disease through simple lifestyle interventions as well as working closely with the 11 per cent of plan members at high risk of serious disability or death from cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Under Jack’s programme, the incidence of transmural thickening in the heart was reduced by 60 per cent. The result was fewer hospitalisations, vascular surgeries, and a reduction in the intensity of outpatient follow-up services. In most cases these patients were able to live a normal and active life.

Time off for Jack Trowbridge may find him with his family, engaged in boating on the lakes of California, or driving a tractor on his country property. He also enjoys flying and has maintained a private pilot’s license, (instrument rated), for the last 25 years.