Senior Consultant

Denny Briley

Area of services: Clinicians, Compliance and operations

Dr. Briley became interested in the computerisation of medication systems at the outset of his career when he was involved in implementing and supporting the first minicomputer-based pharmacy system in the United States at the University of Kentucky Medical Center. Since that time, he has successfully implemented hundreds of pharmacy automated systems and is considered one of the US’s leading pharmacy informaticists.

These automated systems have been shown to greatly improve the readability and standardisation of medications ordered, increased patient medication safety. They have also allowed a healthcare facility’s existing complement of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to manage increasing volumes of medications.

Prior to joining Visante, Denny was Senior Pharmacy Product Strategist at GE Healthcare IT reporting to the Vice President, Enterprise Product Strategy. Before this, he was President of US Operations for BDM Information Systems, Inc. reporting to the President and CEO of BDM Information Systems, Ltd based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. At Becton Dickinson Medical Systems he served as Marketing Manager, Pharmacy Systems.

Denny Briley has enjoyed numerous career affiliations with several of the nation’s top pharmacists who are also passionate about insuring safe patient medication administration. Through this network, he has been able to assist many young professionals in the pursuit of their related professional goals.

Listed among Denny’s greatest pleasures in life are his wife, children and grandchildren. In addition to family activities, he enjoys singing with choral groups including a close harmony a capella group. He sang with an international championship barbershop chorus for several years.