The Visante story

An idea to share cutting edge pharmacy technology and best practices by people who are at the top of their fields

Michael Flagstad – founder of Visante

Following a career in health system pharmacy leadership,  Michael Flagstad began to consider better ways to provide real and lasting change within the health care industry.

Michael’s idea was to form a consultancy comprised entirely of top level healthcare executives and clinicians. All work would be done by these experts and the result would be recommendations providing real and lasting solutions.

Since that time, the Visante Inc. has grown from a core group of professionals to more than 60 senior level consultants practicing in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Keeping this philosophy at the forefront, our consultants have advanced knowledge and senior level or executive experience in many different aspects of the health care industry.

In 2011, Visante UK, Ltd. was established. Following an initial set of demonstration projects, the UK response has been encouraging.  Our teams are comprised of pharmacy experts in the UK as well as consultants from the US.  Together, we meet with client hospitals and healthcare companies suggesting new ideas and cutting-edge technologies that are quickly being recognized as best practices.  Recently, Visante Canada has come onto the scene and is actively providing consulting services to various hospital clients.

Following the untimely passing of Michael Flagstad in April 2014, the reins of leadership passed to James Jorgenson who is now CEO of Visante Inc. and Board Chair for Visante Ltd., Visante UK, Ltd., and Visante Canada, Ltd.  Jim and Mike had been friends and colleagues from the early years and always in collaboration concerning Visante’s development.  In 2013, Jim joined Visante as President of the Hospital and Health Systems Services Practices and in early 2014, President over all three entities.  Jim brings Visante his national and international reputation as a leader and innovator in hospital and managed care pharmacy.

The company name “Visante” (pronounced Vee sahnt”) was derived by Flagstad to suggest a new vision for healthcare systems solutions. Our consultants are known for incorporating their depth of experience to create original solutions that stand the test of time for each client.